Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quit Slackin'

(this print can be found here)

This is my goal for the upcoming week. Not that I was slacking in any way last week. In fact, it was quite busy. We had a large custom order we were desperately trying to finish and get sent out, and other regular orders, and I had a few of Eden's homeschool friends over to play one day. But this is a new week, starting out with sunshine and unheard-of 57 degree weather today, and everything is looking up over here.

It has been our intent for the last two months to open a separate etsy shop for our jewelry, and i've been working on it here and there, but by the end of this week the shop will finally open. FOR REAL!!! It's just very, very time-consuming having to copy and paste and write new listings for quite a bit of jewelry. The only time I really have to sit down for an extended time at the computer is after Eden goes to bed, but that's when Daniel uses the computer too. Our solution would  be to have two computers. We really need two computers, and we also need the money to buy another computer.  We had planned to buy another computer so that we'd have two, but then there was the little incident where I, ahem, broke our other computer. Wishful thinking is nice, but i'm so grateful that we have one fully-functioning computer.

I haven't actually "announced" anywhere that I have this blog. I wanted to have a few posts up before I sent people to a blog with only one or two posts. So yeah, sometime this week I'll make the public aware of this little blog. I'll be happy for a few readers. One or two.

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