Sunday, February 17, 2013

It sure is nice to have a working computer again. In a, we'll say "tense moment", i slammed our computer closed and it quit working. For future reference, i rarely get angry, but a sure way to get me all riled up is to be passive aggressive and know that being passive aggressive is the one way to make me mad. So we had to resort to using our old  computer where only about a third of the keyboard worked and we had to use the handy, but oh so annoying on-screen keyboard. Typing anything took forever. And of course the computer meltdown would happen just as we were getting ready to open our jewelry-only etsy shop. Now, things are back on track, i'm catching up on all of the computer work i wasn't able to do for a month, and it's all sunny skies over here. 

Right when the computer broke, i was all excited about starting a blog and keeping up with it. I've made attempts in the past, but failed. Miserably. This time though, I'm going to stick with it. I'm even planning to post daily until i get into the swing of things. I had always heard that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, then i read online that there's no scientific backing to that statement. But it sounds good to me, and I thought, hey, if 21 days is good, 31 days will be even better. So, every day for a month i'm going to post at least something. 

And I realize this is kinda rambling and boring, so now here's a picture of Eden pretending to breast feed one of our cats, Beatrix. He called me into his room and said, "Look, I'm being a good mama to Beatrix. See, she's drinking my milk." That boy makes my heart melt. 

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