Monday, March 4, 2013


We have a new dog!!!

We've been thinking about getting a new dog for a while. (Daniel would want me to say that I've been wanting a new dog. He has said no more pets, but what's adding one more dog going to hurt?? One night I was looking up pictures of animals who needed forever homes.  I've been in love with Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherds for a long time, and when I came across a picture online of a sweet dog who needed a home and just happened to be a Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix, I fell in love. And I fell hard. I showed Daniel and Eden her picture, but I thought I would wait to email about her for a week, and if she was still available, then it was meant to be. Well, a week passed, and she was still available. I emailed about her, heard back within a few hours that yes, she still needed a home. I emailed back, and didn't hear anything for two days. I was thinking she was most definitely gone. Or maybe the person didn't like me, or that I sounded too enthusiastic and she thought i was weird. So I emailed again, and the lady didn't get my other email, and yes, she was still available. So we made a date to drive down the mountain (she was in another state - an hour and a half from Asheville) to meet her. As soon as we saw her, she jumped all over us and that was all it took! She came from a really sweet, nice family who just couldn't keep her any longer, even though they loved her so much. I promised that we would love her forever and told her that we treat our pets like family (seriously, have you seen my other son, Mason?? ha!).

Gemma is awesome. She's huge! 80 pounds at 10 months old, and I love the bigness!! She's so fluffy and soft, I call her my cloud-dog.

Things we have learned about Gemma:
:: she loves to eat ice. she picks it up, drops it, chases it around the kitchen, then crunches it.
:: she will drink your coffee if you leave it unattended
:: she's an awesome food-sneaker. she loves eden's breakfast waffles
:: she's a barker. anything goes on outside, Gemma knows, and she's going to bark at it.
:: she's a super-quick runner. i found this out yesterday when she shoved me out the way, ran out the    front door and down the street. she wouldn't walk back up the hill to our house so i has to drag her 80 lb body
:: she loves strawberries
:: she loves zucchini
:: okay, she loves any people food
:: she loves eden. he's over-the-moon in love with her
:: already, she's very protective of our family. we are hers, and she lets everything know it
:: she chases snow
:: she loves her rope toy. she sleeps with her duck toy
:: she is intrigued by cats. she can't quite figure ours out
:: if i go outside without her, she jumps at the glass door and whines
:: she's incredibly smart
:: she's awesome. did i mention that??

she likes to put her paws in my lap while i'm working at my desk

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  1. yay gemma! and yay new blog!

    p.s. everytime i think of gemma i think of sons of anarchy.